Season 8 ends in:


Summer Bundle

Along with the beginning of summer, we are giving the Nephalem an excellent opportunity to save some time on farming consumables!

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Season 8 has begun!

Content Update 10.6.1 has been installed on our game server!
Season 8 kicked off with Elemental Rampage as its main theme.

In addition, we remind that a new Clan Season has started yesterday, on Apr, 1st. Clan Valor scores were reset and Clan Reward progress is available again.

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Announcement: Season 8 release!

We are now ready to announce the start of Season 8. It will begin at Apr, 2nd, and will last 2 months!

Seasonal mechanics: Elemental Rampage: as the Nephalem defeats monsters, the spirits of the Nephalem Ancients will flock to them, granting a portion of their powers in order to defeat the forces of Evil.

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PayPal Return and Spring Bundle

The winter shackles are gradually releasing the northern hemisphere of our planet. However, in Sanctuary, the climate always remains invariably monstrous!
Together with the beginning of spring, we give an excellent opportunity to the Nephalems to save a little time on farming consumables.

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Season 7 has begun!

Major Content Update 10.5.0 has been installed on our game server!
Season 7 kicked off with March of the Fallen event as its main theme.

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