Season 5 ends in:


Announcement: Update 10.0 and Season 6

While you have been valiantly slaying the evil spirits of Sanctuary, we are working on the next major update 10.0!

Read more2021-09-16 20:10

Store items gifting

We hasten to inform you that you can now gift some values to your fellow Nephalem from the Store on our website. These values ​​include Premium plans and all available bundles.

Read more2021-09-08 20:23

Autumn Bundle

Along with the beginning of autumn, we are giving the Nephalem an excellent opportunity to save some time on farming consumables!

Read more2021-09-02 17:44

Update 9.0.0 is installed!

Full support for follower mechanics, NPC AI changes and numerous class balance fixes - Update 9.0.0 is out!

Read more2021-09-01 18:44

Update 8.3 has been installed!

We are excited to inform you, that the latest server maintenance is complete, and the new major update has arrived, containing numerous improvements to the Clan system.

Read more2021-07-01 16:12