Season 6 ends in:


Shard system improvements

Today we are happy to present our new take on the recent addition to D3Reflection: the Socket Shards.

Based on Season 6 feedback, we decided to expand on the functionality of Shards, turning it into a way to truly expand player character`s flexibility, and allow players more freedom in gearing up against forces of Hell.

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Season 6 and the new clan season have begun!

The update has been installed, the game server is back online, and Season 6 has started successfully!

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Update 10.0.0 is live!

We are happy to inform you, that update 10.0 is now live, and provides an implementation of several in-game bosses, class balance fixes, and a new Premium content delivery system.

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Announcement: Clan Seasons Expansions

One of the important innovations of Update 10.0 will be the expansion of the mechanics of clans and clan seasons. Today we will tell you more about what will change soon.

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Announcement: Update 10.0 and Season 6

While you have been valiantly slaying the evil spirits of Sanctuary, we are working on the next major update 10.0!

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