D3 Reflection


Discord account attach

We received a lot of questions about linking Discord to a gaming account, so we decided to review our mechanics! Now you can perform the above action by pressing just one button.

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Season 10 continues!

As we had previously mentioned, the current season may be extended depending on the progress of D4R development. We really need more time to bring the project forward, but we assure you that the development on D4R is still going strong, we are actively working on the game and soon we plan to please you with information about the first tests and the release of D4R.

In this regard, the current season will be extended for 1 month. Finish off the remnants of the Cow herds before coming face to face with the Creators of Sanctuary themselves!

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D4 Reflection: Website and new developer update!

Hello Nephalem!

Today we have opened a website for the D4 Reflection project. Information about the development progress will be published there, and the most active Nephalem can already sign up to participate in the beta test!
In addition, we are starting to publish our Dev diaries, and part I is already waiting for you to read!
We also made a new colorful trailer for D4 Reflection with gameplay fragments.

All new information can be found already on the D4R website at the link below. Have a good game!

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Season 10 is live!

Servers are up again, Season 10 has started and will last 2 months from now, and may be prolonged further, depending on our progress with D4R.
Along with the Season, new Update 10.9.2 has arrived with many bugfixes and game improvements!

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Announcement: Season 10 and Update 10.9.2 release!

Hello, Nephalem!

While work on D4R is well underway, we have also found time to deliver a new update to D3R too. Meet Season 10 - Return of the Cows!

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