Season 5 ends in:


Update 8.2 is live!

We released patch 8.2 today. Its main features are numerous co-op game fixes, new Nephalem Portal rewards, and improvements to various aspects of the game.

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Summer Bundle

Along with the beginning of summer, we are giving the Nephalem an excellent opportunity to save some time on farming consumables!

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Season 5 has begun!

Major Content Update 8.0 has been installed on our game server!
Season 5 kicked off with Nephalem Rifts as its main theme.

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Announcement: Nephalem Portals

While the 8.0 Update and Season 5 launch getting ready for release for tomorrow, May 22th, today we will shed some light on the details of a new (old?) game activity that will soon appear in the game on our server - Nephalem Portals.

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Announcement: Season 5 and Upcoming Features

Today we will unveil the secrecy over the next update, which will be released in the coming days, as well as a unique feature for the long-awaited Season 5!
After installing the 8.0 update, the game will be diversified with new content that was previously missing.

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