Season 3 ends in:


Update 7.1.0 installed

Greetings, Nephalem!

We inform you that the 7.1.0 update has been installed on the game server. It contains a huge mass of edits to the game, class balance, and other serious flaws in the game. We hope that you will enjoy the work we have done.

You can see the full changelog and details in our Discord.

2020-11-16 22:49:59

Announcement: PvP Part 1

Hello Nephalem!

While there is very little time left until the end of Season 3, we want to share with you our plans to develop a new way to play D3R. We want to make the game really interesting for different categories of players, as well as revise a number of gameplay errors in the original version of the game.

Details are in our Discord.

2020-10-18 21:33:53

Season 3 has started!

Hello Nephalem!
Now it's time to take up arms again as we begin Season 3 - a season of new beginnings and the struggle for supremacy.

This time we decided not to load the seasonal gameplay with additional effects - the new season itself will be a completely fresh start on version 2.0.1 and a new addition to the game.
Recall that after the end of Season 2 the game was upgraded to version 2.0.1, and not so long ago we have released the RoS add-on content in the game - a new Crusader class, level 70, Adventure Mode and much more.

Enjoy your game and good luck in the new season!

2020-08-19 20:12:04

Announcement: D3R Reborn - Phase 3 & Season 3

Today we will tell you what new things are coming to D3R, because even after Phase 2, the game has a lot of content that was not introduced into the game.
A major update is waiting for you, containing many game fixes, access to the new Crusader class and the new Season start!
See our Discord for details.

2020-08-08 11:07:49

Global update installed!

Hello Nephalem!

Finally, it happened - the second phase of the global update D3R Reborn was released today!

After the completion of maintenance work, all players got the opportunity to take advantage of the content of the RoS add-on - a new story Act and new locations, Adventure Mode, new items and skills, and much more!

Details are in our Discord.

2020-07-18 20:44:31