Season 5 ends in:


Update 8.3 has been installed!

We are excited to inform you, that the latest server maintenance is complete, and the new major update has arrived, containing numerous improvements to the Clan system.

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Announcement: Clan system enhancements

While you brave the dangers of Sanctuary in the Season 5, we have been working to present you a new Clan ratings and activities.

Read more2021-06-21 20:20

Update 8.2 is live!

We released patch 8.2 today. Its main features are numerous co-op game fixes, new Nephalem Portal rewards, and improvements to various aspects of the game.

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Summer Bundle

Along with the beginning of summer, we are giving the Nephalem an excellent opportunity to save some time on farming consumables!

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Season 5 has begun!

Major Content Update 8.0 has been installed on our game server!
Season 5 kicked off with Nephalem Rifts as its main theme.

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