D3 Reflection

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Play D3 for free

Yes, you are not mistaken. In order to play on the server, you do not need to pay money or buy the game. You only need to create an account and voila - crowds of monsters (and not only) are already waiting for you!

Auctions and Old-School

It is no secret that the vanilla version of the game was more fun than the latest expansion. In particular, we all missed the Auction House and lack of difficult gameplay. All this is already on our server, and you will have the opportunity to check it personally.

Ratings and game improvements

Have you long wanted to face off with your friends? Our ratings system will help you to demonstrate your achievements to other Nephalem. In addition, we made our own improvements in economics and balance by smoothing the corners of the original version.

New opportunities

Depending on the popularity of the project and the reaction of the audience, we will be ready to start adding new activities in the game. For example group PvP and new locations. But everything has its own time!